Acoustic Version Of No Rain by Blind Melon (Video)

Zak Ward Toledo, Ohio Solo Acoustic Artist

Acoustic Version Of No Rain Blind Melon

Acoustic Version Of No Rain by Blind Melon (Video)

*** This is one of the first videos I have done to get off the runway. Any comments and suggestions are welcome to make this video series better is welcomed. I will, more than likely, re-shoot this video in the future. ***

Here is my acoustic version of No Rain by Blind Melon. Typically Shannon Hoon’s voice is so high it is often off limits for guy singers. This does not have to stop you form preforming it. Zak drops No Rain down an octave and keeps the song in the same key.

Playing No Rain

The song is played in the key of E. I use the lower octave for the into (shown at the end of the video) to complement singing an octave lower.

Chords: E D A

Click here for Acoustic Version Of “No Rain”