Acoustic version of The Letter (video)

Zak Ward Toledo, Ohio Solo Acoustic Artist

Acoustic Version Of The Letter

Acoustic version of The Letter (video)

Here is my acoustic version of The Letter. This is a classic. Even if the audience has not heard this song, it has an enjoyable sound to it. For people that know the song, it is a head turner. I have often thought that the song is so well written that I wish I had wrote it.

What is also a plus is that the song does not have really high notes. So this is a song that you can save your voice with. The title the letter also sticks out when you announce it. In some cases I play a song, like the letter, and then ask the audience if they know who did this song. It’s a fun way to keep the crowd engaged.

How to play The Letter

The chords are simple.
Verse: Am F G D Am F E7 Am
Chorus: C G F C G C G F C G E7

You can find this video here Acoustic Version Of The Letter

The letter was recorded live in real time with this gear:

Guitar: Martin DC16RGTE
Guitar Strap: Souldier
Mic: Sennheiser 935
Mixer: Soundcraft Ui16
Vocal Processor: vocalist live 3
Camera: Logitech HD C615