Acoustic version of walls by Tom Petty

Zak Ward Toledo, Ohio Solo Acoustic Artist

Acoustic version of walls by tom petty

Acoustic version of walls by Tom Petty

So the reason that I have Walls in my set list is because Petty fans really enjoy it. Not to mention Walls is from my favorite Tom Petty album “She’s the one”. Tom Petty is one of the most requested artist that I have ran into. As for people who do not know the song, it is very easy on the ears. I would suggest having around three Petty songs in your song bank.

Walls goes through a yin and yang style writing. As an example, the first line is “Some days are diamonds, some days are rocks”. The chords are not at all challenging. I actually really like going from D to Bm for some reason.

How to play Norwegian Wood

The chords are:
Capo 3
Verse: D Bm G A
Chorus: G D G D Em Bm A D

You can find this video here: Acoustic Version of Walls by Tom Petty

All videos are recorded live along with the sound recorded straight from the Soundcraft Ui16 mixer board. These live performance videos are not intended to be perfect. They are created to offer song suggestions and possibly an alternative way to present them in an acoustic performance. If you do have any questions about this, please visit the contact page and send me an email.

Walls was recorded live in real time with this gear:

Guitar: Martin DC16RGTE
Guitar Strap: Souldier
Mic: Sennheiser 935
Mixer: Soundcraft Ui16
Vocal Processor: vocalist live 3
Camera: Logitech HD C615