Should I start a solo or acoustic group?

Zak Ward Toledo, Ohio Solo Acoustic Artist

Start an acoustic group

Should I start a solo or acoustic group?

Have you considered starting an acoustic project? In this video, Zak gives 5 reasons to start an acoustic project. The reason this question is being purposed is based on opportunities. No, not just for financial reasons. Here is a breakdown of this video.

#1 Less or no drama in an acoustic group

Being in a band, with three to five humans can be challenging. The point here is that if you do a solo or duo group, chances are, there is less drama. Not to mention many acoustic gigs are laid back compared to original gigs where there are many bands. Especially with multiple groups setups and tear downs within 4 to 6 hours. Or the cover band gigs where you are hired to bring a party. All that expected high energy can cause some stress. Acoustic gigs can be as relaxed as your set list. Lastly, there is a crowd that supports live music but does not enjoy all the racket of a full band.

#2 Get your ears focused on you

When I decided to start a solo acoustic project, I quickly noticed it’s all me. And trust me, at first, it does not feel comfortable in many ways. I noticed there was not enough sound to hide mistakes. But with some gumption, that works to your benefit if you want to grow. Around six months I noticed improvement. Once that ball was rolling, I started trying harder songs and booking more gigs.

#3 New work opportunities< with an acoustic group

If you want to focus on music as a business, #3 is for you. After I entered the acoustic circuit, I notice different opportunities. I now was asked to sing at weddings, corporate cocktail hours, Christmas parties, museums and many more. Not to mention, you can find frequent gigs at smaller shops that don’t have a big budget or space for a full band. You can meet a lot of people with a regular weekly gig. And this slides us into #4.

#4 People

Frequent gigs means people start to notice or recommend you. One real good example is weddings. When someone says, “hey we are looking for someone to sing a song at our wedding” you could be that suggestion. “Oh I just saw this guy Zak at the Majestic Oak Winery sing “Your Song” by Elton John last Friday”. If you start an acoustic project you will find that it is a different crowd of people at these gigs. People don’t exactly go with the goal of “Dancing” at a bar with an acoustic player. (Yes it does happen). So on set breaks it’s very easy to meet people. Especially when the room volume in low.

#5 More money in your pocket

Plane and simple, new revenue stream. There is no reason to really go on about this other than, these gigs are kind of a paid practice too.. Think about that

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