Acoustic version of Just like heaven

Zak Ward Toledo, Ohio Solo Acoustic Artist

acoustic version of just like heaven

Acoustic version of Just like heaven

80’s fans love Just like heaven. The CURE is still a large touring force. In addition to Just like heaven, I also do Friday I’m in love which I’m sure I will post in the future.

This song is a little high so I make sure my voice is properly stretched out before I dive into it. The last thing you want to do is blow your voice. The rest of the gig ends up not as fun and sometime a little embarrassing.

The Reason this song is in my “Song Bank”

  • Easy to play
  • Sing along
  • 80’s are still hot

How to play Just like heaven

The chords are:

Whole song is: A E Bm D
Chorus: F#m G

You can find this video here: Acoustic version of Just like Heaven

All videos are recorded live along with the sound recorded straight from the Soundcraft Ui16 mixer board. These live performance videos are not intended to be perfect. They are created to offer song suggestions and possibly an alternative way to present them in an acoustic performance. If you do have any questions about this, please visit the contact page and send me an email.

This video was recorded live in real time with this gear:

Guitar: Martin DC16RGTE
Guitar Strap: Souldier
Pedals: Ghost Echo & CE5
Mic: CAD D90
Mixer: Soundcraft Ui16
Vocal Processor: vocalist live 3
Camera: Logitech HD C615