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Acoustic Version of Happy Birthday Song

Acoustic Version of Happy Birthday Song

Happy Birthday seems pretty cheesy and at first thought undermining. However, your tip jar can double and also you get to make someone happy. Not to mention, you could make someones day. Especially if you verbally announce the age of the person well below what their age really is. I[…]

acoustic version of just like heaven

Acoustic version of Just like heaven

80’s fans love Just like heaven. The CURE is still a large touring force. In addition to Just like heaven, I also do Friday I’m in love which I’m sure I will post in the future. This song is a little high so I make sure my voice is properly[…]

Acoustic version of Cracklin Rosie

Acoustic version of Cracklin Rosie

Let’s just face it. Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” gets requested all the time. It is a great song and you will see a video in this series of “Sweet Caroline”. But, if you have the right age group, having extra Neil Diamond song available will really make for a great[…]

Acoustic Version of Stuck in the middle with you

Acoustic Version of Stuck in the middle with you

Stuck in the middle with you is a crowd pleasing favorite. I don’t get requests for this song, but when you do play it, people start to figure out who the clowns and the jokers are right away. This typically The lyrics simply tell a story of a person that,[…]

Acoustic version of steal my kisses

Acoustic Version of Steal my Kisses

Here is Zak Wards acoustic version of Steal My Kisses by Ben Harper. This song is very enjoyable and has a warm reminiscence of summer time. Not to mention, Steal my kisses has only 3 solid chords and they are listed below. Typically people do not recognize this song till[…]

acoustic version of fat bottom girls

Acoustic version of Fat bottom girls by Queen

Fat bottom girls is (so far) the easiest popular song Queen does. To take edge of the very high Freddie Mercury vocal, I sing this an octave below. This is also helpful if you are in need of a fun low-register song. Queen does get requested from time to time[…]

Acoustic version of walls by tom petty

Acoustic version of walls by Tom Petty

So the reason that I have Walls in my set list is because Petty fans really enjoy it. Not to mention Walls is from my favorite Tom Petty album “She’s the one”. Tom Petty is one of the most requested artist that I have ran into. As for people who[…]

Start an acoustic group

Should I start a solo or acoustic group?

Have you considered starting an acoustic project? In this video, Zak gives 5 reasons to start an acoustic project. The reason this question is being purposed is based on opportunities. No, not just for financial reasons. Here is a breakdown of this video. #1 Less or no drama in an[…]