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Zak Ward Toledo, Ohio Solo Acoustic Artist


Acoustic Version of Norwegian wood

Acoustic version of Norwegian Wood by The Beatles

I think it is safe to say that Beatles requests are very common. I always have at least 10 Beatles songs ready to please. Norwegian wood happens to be one of my favorite to preform. I use the octave bar chord technique to play the lead riff. This song is[…]

Acoustic Version of Hurt by Nine Inch Nails

Acoustic Version of Hurt by Nine Inch Nails NIN

Nine Inch Nails does not get a lot of requests. However, they have had a large impact on music that it does come up. Or sometimes people try to through you a curve ball to see if you have game. As mentioned in the video, people do recognize Hurt from[…]

Acoustic Version Of No Rain Blind Melon

Acoustic Version Of No Rain by Blind Melon (Video)

*** This is one of the first videos I have done to get off the runway. Any comments and suggestions are welcome to make this video series better is welcomed. I will, more than likely, re-shoot this video in the future. *** Here is my acoustic version of No Rain[…]

Acoustic Version Of The Letter

Acoustic version of The Letter (video)

Here is my acoustic version of The Letter. This is a classic. Even if the audience has not heard this song, it has an enjoyable sound to it. For people that know the song, it is a head turner. I have often thought that the song is so well written[…]

welcome to acoustic version of

First welcome video.

This is the fist welcome video for ” Acoustic Version Of ” Youtube channel. In video series I will be making video for each song that I do in my solo acoustic show. I try to have many different noticeable songs from the 60’s through today. More so focusing on[…]